Behind every product is a person. We want to be the ones standing behind ours. Before a bag is even started we take the time to carefully examine the unique texture of each buttery hide, revel in the scent of leather and beeswax and pour over every stitch and seam. We treasure our ability to design, to make, to critique and to lovingly send all of our goods from our own workshop.  

People are more important than things. Relationships are what keep us creating, the joy of sharing our art and providing people with something they can’t get elsewhere, the ability to know the creator.

Our creative process is selective and transparent. A product is only as good as the materials invested in it and we want to know and share the details of every one that we use. 

We are intentionally small. A group of pioneering artists who know that less is more.  

Unequivocally hardworking. We are craftsman making heirloom goods, inspired and compelled to greatness by the beauty and goodness of our home. 

Stubbornly precise. We marry the best of old-world methods with innovative materials like our carbon fiber cases to create exceptional goods for the discerning mind.