Horween Leather


The leather used in our bags is American, handcrafted by the Horween leather company which has been tanning some of the world's best leather, in Chicago, for over 100 years.  Our strapping leathers are tanned by Wickett & Craig in Curwensville, Pennsylvania or Herman Oak Leathers in St. Louis, Missouri.  We get our hides in small batches which means that all of our products differ in colors, textures and styles.  Which also allows our customers to have unique bags, in fact no one in the world will have one exactly like yours.    

Our felt is 100% merino wool.  The wool, sourced from sheep farmers in Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa is milled in Germany.  Wool is an amazing natural material that posses many exceptional qualities when used in a bag application.  These qualities include being moisture resistant, self-extinguishing, extremely durable, and wonderfully receptive to dye.  Our products use this renewable material in a 3mm thickness in order to provide exceptional strength and durability.      

Our hardware is made of solid brass and is chosen for both design elements and quality.  Our zippers are solid metal YKK zippers with extremely smooth action.   

USA Made

We use American-made nylon thread.  Nylon possesses excellent dye properties, resistance to transfer, impressive strength and has excellent UV properties so it won't fade.


We craft our products in house by hand.  Each piece is cut, sewn, and assembled in house by us.  We take pride in our work, working carefully to ensure a quality product that will last even under heavy use.  Everything from the materials used, to the design elements, to the way we finish our stitching has been thought through and tested in an effort to ensure that you have a product that you love and on which you may depend. 


We design bags with elegant simplicity.  Our products are designed to be timeless yet unique, with wonderful plays on natural textures, materials and colors.  Our products don't rely on a logo to make them special.  Every product is unique in its choice of materials, colors and contrasts.  We not only design products that are beautiful, we also design them to be functional.  We want our bags to be what you reach for and rely on everyday to function well and add beauty to how you go about your day.  Every Oldestash bag is the result of rigorous design and prototype phases before you enjoy the final product.  We actually use our products everyday which is the best way to test them and ensure they function and will last